Any respectful / professional local moving Company will have trace of reviews online;

5 minutes research on Google can make the difference between a nightmare move to a smooth one that meets your expectations.

Texas Move-It Best Customer Service Award
Texas Move-It Best Customer Service Award
Texas Move-It 5 Star Yelp Review
Texas Move-It 5 Star Yelp Review
Texas Move-It 5 Star Thumbtack Review
Texas Move-It 5 Star Thumbtack Review

Although a lot of the reviews online can be phony, bad moving companies must have angry Customers that will go online and express their feelings, you will be there to read about that bad Experience to make your judgement.


Ask your mover as much as questions as you can, regarding your upcoming move, even if you know the answers yourself.

Challenging your local moving company with different and various questions about your Upcoming move, will tell you if they are experienced or not,  and It will also show you if they are Patient to their client’s needs, and willing to spend time in order to understand your moving needs And eventually win your business.



Every Moving Company in Houston, Texas, Must hold a Household Goods permit and a valid Insurance (Auto and Cargo Liability), A quick run through the TxDMV website can reveal if your desired moving Company is operating legally, if they hold insurance that is active and If these movers have any complaints on their record.



Any company that doesn’t accept a credit card, is a shady company. While you don’t have to pay with a credit/debit card and can always use cash, having that option is always comfortable, and leaves a trace of your business.

To read more useful tips that will save you a fortune, Visit our website at

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Jack Bornstein

Owner at Texas Move-It


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What makes Houston a top city to live at?

Houston is one of the biggest areas in the United States.
Houston is 2nd best in creating jobs, after NY.

It’s the largest city by area, and is home to over two million people. 

It’s also one of the most popular destinations for people looking into relocation.

As the taxes and population swell in places like New York City and Silicon Valley, Texas has welcomed everyone with open arms.

 It’s number two for having Fortune 500 company headquarters. 

Nicknamed the “Space City,” Houston is a diverse place with strengths in business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, education, medicine, and research.

Basically, Houston has a little of everything. It has all sorts of jobs, apartments, houses, nightlife, and anything else a person might want. 

Houston’s own website rightly calls it “a cosmopolitan destination, filled with world-class dining, arts, hotels, shopping and nightlife” and there’s “always something to do in this Southern hospitality meets urban chic city.”

NASA headquarters resides in Houston, along with the NASA museum.

The only downside, for some people, might be the weather, but it’s not as hot as stereotypes dictate. The temperature range is actually comparable to northern cities, and is often a lot more comfortable. 

The yearly average is 62 to 79 degrees.

That’s not too far off from the famous California Bay Area, and is better than many northeastern cities. There is basically no real downside to living in Houston. It’s nothing but opportunity.

Finding reliable Houston movers who offer many services can be difficult. 

Fortunately, the city is also home to one of the best moving companies, Texas Move-It.

With hundreds of five star reviews, you can rest assured that your move will be professionally handled. 

Houston is home to many businesses, and there are many places to live. 

Moving to Houston is a surprisingly uncomplicated option which can provide your personal life with many long-term benefits.

Burro Y Flauta – Undiscovered vacation in the Yucatan Area – Merida, Mexico.

Burro y Flauta is a quiet vacation house, based in Merida, Mexico. 

No shouting tourists here – only simple hard-working people, living their live day-by-day.


Burro y Flauta is owned and operated by ex-pats from Houston, Texas –  who have made Mérida their home and hope to share this beautiful city with others.

Located just 20 minutes away from the gorgeous beaches of the Yucatan, Merida, our awesome vacation house rental is available for an unforgettable vacation

Merida is a historic center of culture for this region of Mexico.  It represents the melding of Mayan and the influences brought by colonization that has shaped and now defines present day Mexico.

The minute you arrive here you will feel welcomed as if you are coming home after a long time away.

While it is the largest city in the Yucatan, it preserves a small town feel as you walk its streets lined with colorful colonial facades.

A typical street with colorful colonial architecture in Centro.
A typical street with colorful colonial architecture in Centro.

It is not uncommon to be approached by fellow pedestrians, locals and tourists alike;

Who are just looking to start a friendly conversation and exemplify the hospitality characteristic of Merida and the Yucatan.

Merida is also known in Mexico as ‘la ciudad blanca’ (the white city), for the limestone that makes up much of the construction of historical district, locally known as Centro…

Or perhaps because the city is known to be kept particularly clean!

However, Merida is anything but bland as every house and building is painted a different color with both colonial and art decor architecture dating back to the 18th and early 19th century.

This destination is known for more than just for its beauty.

Merida is the center of Yucatecan culture with countless art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and lively parks and squares featuring free entertainment every night of the week.

Each Burro y Flauta vacation property is located within walking distance of one or more of Merida’s most popular squares;

Santiago, Santa Lucia, Santa Ana, San Juan, Ermita, and of course the city’s main square, called the Zocalo.  It is home to the oldest cathedral of the Americas!

Night time view of Catedral de Merida.
Night time view of Catedral de Merida.

Learn more about our vacation house rentals!

For more information about me and our listings through Airbnb, visit my profile.  From there you can browse through our various properties and find where you’d like to spend your next vacation.

Casa Koala | Vacation House Rental | Mexico, Merida | Burro y Flauta


Casa Koala is newly restored by acclaimed local architects and located in the beautiful Santiago neighborhood just a few blocks away from the bustling park and square.


 The Space (2 BR/2 BA)

This home has a beautiful and open flow all the way through the property.

Walking through the large colonial doors, you find a bright and spacious living area opening right into the kitchen and dining space.


Just past that is a patio connected to a shaded courtyard and pool to relax and refresh in after an eventful day in the warm Merida sun.

There is a lovely and quiet casita with direct access to the courtyard which is separate from the main house and protected from any street noise to ensure a sound night’s sleep.

The second bedroom is located on the second level above the kitchen and dining area

It has a balcony that looks down onto the pool and has a gorgeous view of the surrounding greenery, including a stunning red flowering tree hanging over the casita.

In addition to the balcony, the room also has a private patio for some peaceful alone time and an en suite bathroom.


Casa Koala vacation house rental has two bedrooms;

one with a queen bed and the other with two singles that can be configured into a king size bed.

Let us know which option would work better for you.

The property has plenty of street parking available. 

We provide you with basic kitchen equipment and appliances;

Including a toaster and coffee machine so that you can fuel up with a satisfying breakfast to start your day.

Also, every stay includes two free beers and a bottle of wine for our guests.


Don’t worry if you forgot your shampoo

Because both bathrooms are equipped with their own shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers.

In addition to TV and cable there is a PS3 player to play movies or games and is also connected to the house WIFI.

You also have an alarm clock where you can dock an iPhone or iPod, and listen to your own music!

If you’re looking for an amazing time at our rentals, give us a call anytime at (832) 786-0186 a we’ll be happy to schedule.

Casa Koala in Merida, Mexico.



House Moving? | Texas Move-It Company | Houston Professional Movers

Texas Move-It Houston Professional Moving Company
Don’t gamble when it comes to your belongings, don’t make your wife angry either.


House Moving? Texas Move-It Professional House Movers

Save your time and money, check out this awesome ToDo list we created for you before your house moving project!


If possible, plan your move Outside of the busy season (late Spring and summer months).

Most movers are booked during this timewhich makes it hard to hire the right mover for you.

Survey your house (don’t forget the garage, attic, shed and Basement).

Start making mental lists of items that will not be moving with you, a garage sale or donating to Goodwill is always a good option.

Texas Move-It - Houston Professional Movers
We’ll be happy at Texas Move-It to donate for you!
Contact us to learn more.


Contact schoolsdoctorsdentistslawyers and accountants to  obtain copies of your personal records.

Start interviewing movers, you’ll want to get up to Five Estimates for comparison.

Check moving companies reviews online, rates and choose your Best fit.

5 Star Review
Moving Experts


Book your move with your chosen local movers! order boxes andSupplies to start packing if you are planning on packing yourself.

Submit a c
hange of address form to the Post Office (

Prepare an i
nventory list of single-packed items that will be stored or moved.

Contact your utility, phone, newspaper, and magazine subscription companies to discontinue/re-establish service at your old and new addresses.

Secure insurance for your move.

All movers provide a minimal Level of liability (buzzword for “insurance.”)

But you’ll want to buy additional insurance from your mover to make sure you are covered.

Order checks from your bank with your new address.

Arrange for childcare or pet care on move day, if needed.

Start packing items that you won’t need immediately.

How professional movers should protect your belongings.
How professional movers should protect your belongings.
Texas Move-It Houston Professional Moving Company House Moving
We don’t leave any room for mistakes! We wrap the furniture from top to bottom.

Dispose of items that cannot be moved or belongings you prefer to leave behind.

Dispose properly of hazardous waste.

Order refills on prescriptions and contacts.

It’s a very stressful time and you want to make sure you’ll have what you need with you, especially if it’s a must take medication.

Contact the building management or the owner of your house (if rented);

 Ask if there is anything that need to be done before your upcoming house moving project.

(Painting walls, Repairs, or any other concerns that can be a set back).

Texas Move-It - Houston House Moving Professional Movers Expert House Movers
Texas Move-It – Houston Professional Movers, Recent House Move, Get your moving experts!

Pay all your bills and make sure you’re not leaving any dues behind.

Alert neighbors that the moving trucks are coming, and that noise might occur.

Drain all water hoses around your house, also drain all gas from lawnmowers, leaf and snow blowers, please make sure that all oil is drained too.

If there are major appliances you’re willing to move with you (Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, Deep Freezer)...

Do not try to disconnect them from their electric power or from the water sources, our professional movers will do it for you.

(some Appliances can be very heavy, causing you serious body harm, do not attempt to Move them by yourself).

Pack a “FIRST NIGHT” box including all your personal items such as a tooth brush, some clothes, keys, checkbook, phone chargers…

Confirm childcare to make sure kids will be away, when our movers are working, we prefer the house to be as empty as possible;

We need the space in order to move items around, and have easy access to all rooms inside the resident.

Confirm your movers, give them a call and make sure all the details they have are correct;

Especially the moving from address, the moving to address, and the rate you were given initially.


Pack any last minute items such as cleaning products and items you haven’t packed yet;

go between all rooms and closets around the house and make sure all your household items that can fit in a box, made it into a box.

Call one more time to your moving company (hopefully its us) and reconfirm your move and all the relevant details that comes with it;

Such as the start time of your house moving project, hourly rate and any additional fees you agreed upon, way of payment, and any other concern you might have with your upcoming move.


Make sure that someone is available at your residence to receive and greet the moving crew;

That person will also need to be able to sign the contract indicating Start time, billing info and other details relating to your house moving project.

If your house is in a gated community or condominium, notify the management office of the mover’s anticipated arrival time and make sure they will let them in.

Record all utility meter readings (gas, electric, water).

Review the bill of lading and inventory sheet one last time.

Don’t Hesitate when it comes to your precious items, check our reviews to learn more on how we Move-It professionally.

Need more information? Just give a call before your upcoming move day at (832) 786-0186.

Texas Move-It Houston Expert Movers.

Need some more tips? Check our packing guide page!


Texas Move-It - Houston Professional Movers

How a bad experience turned into a successful business? — Moving Out? Texas Move-It

I came to Houston from Israel 4 years ago, being 23 at the time, I had only $3000 in my pocket and little bit of hopes and dreams. I’ve been completely new to the area, no friends, family and it was the first time in my life – I was completely depended on myself. I…

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